DUO smart locks on an abstract staircaseDUO smart locks on an abstract staircase
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DUO Smart Lock

A smart and simple design


With its two guiding principles – beauty and simplicity – the unique shape of DUO Smart Lock is inspired by the architectural principle of the Saddle Roof, making it striking and a perfect fit for any home. It has the smallest dimensions of any retrofit lock on the market and only takes up very little space on your front door.

Mass of vibration in gold below a DUO smart lockMass of vibration in gold below a DUO smart lock

Remote Wi-FI

It has never been easier to remotely lock or unlock your door – and no hub is needed.
Wooden sticks surrounding a DUO smart lockWooden sticks surrounding a DUO smart lock

Invite Friends
& Family

With the FRIDAY Home App, you can grant and revoke access at any time.
Abstract geofence map with a mobile iPhone and a DUO smart lockAbstract geofence map with a mobile iPhone and a DUO smart lock

Auto Unlock

Trigger your smart lock to unlock when your mobile device enters your designated area.
Assembled view of a smart lockAssembled view of a smart lock


The smart lock ensures the same level of security as a bank and in the military.

With the FRIDAY Home App you always have your lock under control – and you never have to worry about forgetting your keys again or think "did I remember to lock the door?".

The FRIDAY Home App allows you to control lock state, share access with friends and family and receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits.

mobile iphone with FRIDAY Home smart lock app

Within a few minutes and the proper tools, the DUO Smart Lock can be installed.

The DUO Smart Lock is installed on the inside of your door, so it is not visible from the outside.

Does it fit my door?

You might be wondering if the DUO Smart Lock fits your door? Not to worry! It is so smart that it retrofits on most known doors wordwide – and we have made it easy for you to find your match.

1) Have a look at your door and its mortise lock at home to find your match.

2) Click the matching door image to get the right DUO Smart Lock components.

Can't find a match? Our support team is ready to help and can be reached here or have a look at our installation guides to see what type of door lock fits our DUO Smart Lock.

Note: door images are guided examples only.

We focused on creating a smart and simple design with a nod to the classic door knob and most importantly, designed it to be as small as possible.

Jakob Lange
Partner, BIG

FRIDAY’s unique design philosophy made it a fun and challenging project for our engineers to tackle and we are proud of the results.

David Chen
CEO, Brinno