Friday Smart Lock UNO

Shell variations

Gun Metal
1,699.00 kr.
Two Friday Smart Lock UNO in steel

• Compatible with iOS and Android
• Friday Assist - automatic lock / unlock function
• Reoccurring and Restricted invites
• Works with Apple® HomeKit
• Wi-Fi on Demand (no need for a hub)
• Rechargeable battery
• Long life span (wear parts in metal)
• Protected against vandalism (mounted on the inside of a door)

Technical specifications
• Bluetooth Radio BTLE-4.0
• Radio IEEE 802.11b/g/n
• Li-MN 3.7V 3000mAh battery

Does it fit your door?

The Friday Smart Lock UNO fits on Scandinavian doors with a 90 degrees thumb turn.

The Friday Smart Lock UNO works with all US doors with standard deadbolts.

Scandinavian design

Size is one thing - good looks is quite another. Designed by BIG, the Friday Smart Lock must be the worlds most beautiful smart lock.

Bjarke Ingels Group drawing the friday smart lock
Friday Smart Lock in a cirkel on the floor

A BIG design

BIG is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers and builders. BIG is one the the world’s most influential design studios with projects like Woven City and Lego House.

Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the lock’s curved silhouette is informed by the Danish architect’s primary discipline. Echoing the form of a saddle roof, which is characterized by a convex curve about one axis and a concave one about the other, it’s as striking as it is ergonomic.

The success of any consumer electronic product depends on three main factors: the design, the features and the usability. However most products today are over designed and have too many features, thus creating a complex interface and ultimately decreasing its ease of use.

The designers says:

“With Friday Lock, we focused on creating a smart and simple design that doesn’t shout, “I’m a very intelligent object on your door” with flashing lights and other tech gimmicks. Instead we optimized the most important features, kept the design simple with a nod to the classic door knob and most importantly, designed it to be as small as possible.”

Jakob Lange, Partner BIG

The different screens on the Friday Home app

Your home at your fingertips

With Friday Home App you always have your lock under control. Check if it's locked, share access with friends and family 
and receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits,
 all at the touch of a button.


Friday Assist ™

With Friday Lock you'll never have to worry about losing your keys or locking yourself out of your home again. It recognizes you via your phone as you approach, unlocking the door automatically - perfect for when you have your hands full.

Fast and easy sharing

It couldn't be simpler to share and revoke access, and choose which locks can be accessed by which people and when. Give the Dog Sitter access weekdays at 12:00, your Handy Man a limited key and your friends a key to the backdoor. You are in control of your lock!

Stay in the know

With the Friday App you are always in control - even when you’re not at home. You can check whether the door is locked or unlocked, and receive notifications when someone enters or leaves.

Always in control

Stay in control by reviewing a list of everyone who's entered or left throughout the day - or for the past month - and checking who has had access granted or revoked.

An iPhone with Friday app

Get the Friday Home App

Download the Friday Home App at App Store or Google Play.

The users says:

“…the Friday Smart Lock
isn't small on features.”


Friday Smart Lock with black Pebble Lever and other black things

"One of the best features of this product is the lock recognizes your phone as you approach and unlocks the door automatically." 

The swagger staff,

“The app is nicely designed and makes it easy to know who has passed through the door, and when.“


“Friday Home’s unique shape is striking yet ergonomic and a perfect fit for any home (plus it has no ugly keypads or touch pads to distract from the style).”


"The Friday Smart Lock is brilliantly designed and engineered, attractive, installation is a snap, and it doesn’t cover your door with large battery boxes."


”The ease of which a regular deadbolt lock can be adapted to retrofit this smart lock is fantastic. The size and simplicity of this device make it a must for shoppers in the smart lock market.”


“Use it to allow friends to have access to your home or to let neighbors bring packages or mail inside. It’s also great for those who need help with plants or pets while away.”


Man installing the friday smart lock on door

No need for a handyman

To install the Friday Lock you need a screw driver to uninstall your current thumb turn and a hacksaw to shorten the tailpiece if so needed.


The Friday Lock is installed using your existing lock, making installation easier and safer. Friday Lock is a retrofit to the existing deadbolt lock. Only the thumb latch will need to be changed. The exterior and actual lock cylinder/casing remains. Install the Friday Lock by removing your existing thumb latch and installing the Friday Lock using the same screws and mounting holes.

To install the Friday Lock you need a screwdriver to uninstall your current thumbturn and a hacksaw to shorten the tailpiece if so needed.

We’ve put together a video to help explain how to install your Friday Lock.

Choose your favorite

The shell is changeable. That means you'll never have to settle for one style.
With several finishes and materials, there’s a Friday Lock for every type of door.

Friday smart locks in steel, bronze, brass, cobber
Friday smart lock in Gun Metal

Gun Metal


Friday Smart Lock in Brass
Friday Smart Lock in steel



Friday Smart Lock in bronze
Friday Smart Lock in Cobber