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How does the Friday Smart Lock work?

Can I open my door manually?

What size is the Friday smart lock?

What is the warranty period?

How long does the battery last?

What if my phone runs out of battery or I forget it?

How do I if the lock will fit my door?


Which tools do I need to install the Friday Lock?

Can I remove the shell?

Can the lock be used outside?

How do I install the lock?

How long time does the installation take?

What is a cylinder deadbolt?


What if my phone is stolen?

How secure is the connection?

If i give access to a visitor, what is stopping them gaining access again at a seperate time without permission?

The door unlocks automatically when it connects with my phone. What happens if I'm at home and a person comes to the door, will the door automatically open?

Will the Friday Lock void my home insurance?

The Friday Home app

What happens if there is an internet or power outage?

Which platforms does the Friday Smart Lock support?

Can I receive notifications to inform me on activity?

How do I reset my lock on iOS?