World's smallest smart lock grows up

new software release for iOS: FRIDAY ASSIST UNLOCK

The activities in FRIDAY LABS has changed to FRIDAY HOME, as the smallest smart lock company grows into a smart home developer. First stop: Friday Home launches a new app and presents exciting upgrades to the Friday Home firmware.

Hailed as the best-looking smart lock by TechHive and CNET, designed by Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels – the Friday Lock gets an upgrade and is on a mission to improve the everyday life of homeowners with simple and beautifully designed smart home solutions.

Under the brand Friday Home our first product, the Friday Lock that was initially launched on Indiegogo in 2015, has been developed from the early version released to the market in 2017 into an impressive smart home solution offering first-mover features like Wi-Fi on Demand and integration with both iOS and Android.

The new CEO of Friday Home, Lars Fleckenstein Ph.d. in Robotics, comments: “We believe that we can provide a unique value proposition, where functionality does not rule out aesthetics, and where customers can rest assure that we will never leave their side. With the new firmware updates, we are now more than ever ready to deliver a smart home solution that help our customers relax and enjoy life.”

The Friday Lock will offer a seamless experience through the following upgrades;

New Friday Home Lock app release

As with everything we do, the Friday Home Lock app is about simple design and seamless navigation; having your home at your fingertips. Friday Lock securely connects to your Friday Home Lock app, giving you the ability to lock or unlock your door as you leave or approach and effortlessly share access with friends and family.

The new Friday Home Lock app is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be downloaded on Apple Store or Google Play.

Upgrade to the new Friday Home Lock app.

New Firmware 100 release

Along with the release of a new app, we’re also delighted to present new upgrades to the Friday Lock firmware. Upgrading from Firmware 96 to 100 not only provides impressive first-mover features like direct integration with Wi-Fi, but also improvements to the sturdiness of the lock.

The Firmware works with Apple® HomeKit. The Apple Home app makes it easy to set up and control all your HomeKit accessories including your Friday Lock, lighting systems, ventilation fans, security cameras, and even thermostats - to give you full control over an intelligent ecosystem.

Upgrade to Firmware 100 through the Friday Home Lock app.

Wi-Fi on Demand

With the new Firmware 100 it is now possible to connect the Lock directly to Wi-Fi. This means you can access Wi-Fi on Demand and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. We’re thrilled to bring forward this new feature, removing barriers like bridging and proximity to hubs and creating new opportunities for our customers.

Activate the Wi-Fi on Demand by initiating the Unlock Access functionality in the Friday Home App. This provides your guests with 60 seconds to knock on your door twice, and the lock will open for them. Friday Assist will automatically lock again once your door is closed.

Reoccurring and Restricted invites

For the guests who can download the Friday Home app but are not allowed constant entry, we would like to introduce our new features: the time-limited, reoccurring invites and the single, time-slot invites. We call them Reoccurring and Restricted invites.

With the Reoccurring invites you can decide long-term exactly when and for how long your guests can enter your home. If you wish to grant them access once for a limited period only, the Restricted invites can help you with just that.

new software release for iOS: FRIDAY ASSIST UNLOCK

new software release for iOS: FRIDAY ASSIST UNLOCK

The launch of the Friday Lock was only the start of our product’s journey. We aim to create an ecosystem of Friday products connected via our intuitive and stylish software, which we will continue to iterate as we move forward in order to keep our products working fluidly.

Friday Assist Unlock is the first of our planned series of software updates. This new feature uses geofencing technology to deliver intelligent access control that simplifies your interaction with the Friday Lock.

Setting up Friday Assist Unlock is easy! Just make sure you’re close to the lock, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Friday App, then select Settings > Lock Name > Friday Assist Unlock. Do not leave this screen until the loading wheel has stopped.

Step 2: Walk out of the door, closing it behind you, and lock it via the Friday App. Friday Assist Unlock will be activated when you reach the requisite distance from your Friday Lock (minimum 50m for iOS, 150m for Android). If you have enabled notifications from the app then you will receive confirmation of this.

Step 3: When you come home, you will receive another notification confirming that Friday App is searching for your lock. When you are within range of your lock, the Friday App will automatically unlock it and then notify you. If using iOS, you may also receive a notification from Home.

Watch the Video to see how it works and as always we would love to hear your comments or feedback:

Meet Friday Lock, the world’s smallest smart lock

Meet Friday Lock, the world’s smallest smart lock

When we set out to make the Friday Lock, we wanted to make a lock that used the latest security technologies, and also tackled some problems facing the smart lock industry. Installation can be tricky, and smart locks, well, we believe they should enhance, not detract from a building’s natural architecture. So we wanted to make a lock that not only performed to the highest standards, but also leads with a stylish design to match any architectural style or room décor.

Watch this video to see how Friday provides users with a streamlined, secure experience, and a lock that feels good to use.

Through our groundbreaking collaboration with architectural group BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – the architects behind Google’s new HQ and Hyperloop One, we’ve created the world’s smallest and most stylish smart lock. Friday Lock is the only lock to offer Bluetooth, WiFi and HomeKit technology from Apple in one product. Friday Lock is easy to install, and easy to control from an app on the user’s phone allowing the owner to control and grant access seamlessly.

Friday Lock is a beautiful lock which features changeable cover shells made from die cast metal in copper, bronze, gun metal, brass, silver, nickel satin and porcelain to complement any door style.

Looks aren’t everything of course. Friday Lock is feature rich. One of the features we’re most excited about is the Universal Baseplate™. The Universal Baseplate™ is used to mount Friday Lock over the previous lock’s footprint. It’s the first solution to require only a single color-coded plate that makes it simple to match to your door an install.

Watch the installation video here. No locksmith needed.

Friday Lock is HomeKit-enabled, and filled with more features you can read.

We are proud to deliver the Friday Lock, the first in a series of products from Friday Labs. Friday Lock is available today in the US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway from

More retailers will be announced soon.