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Understanding FRIDAY products.

The DUO Smart Lock lets you open your door with your smartphone instead of your traditional key. The DUO Smart Lock communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, detecting when you are nearby and opening the door automatically if you have enabled this. DUO Smart Lock also allows you to give access to visitors remotely by sending them an invite via the app.

Yes. The DUO Smart Lock replaces your existing thumb latch, but leaves the remainder of your existing lock intact. This means that you will still be able to open your door in the traditional way from both the inside and outside.

The DUO Smart Lock takes up very little space on your front door, measuring 63mm / 2.48inch in width and 48mm/1.89inch in height.

The DUO Smart Lock uses a small rechargeable battery that reduces the size of the product substantially. In normal usage conditions the battery life is about 3-6 months before needing recharge. When the battery runs low, you will see an indication in the app. A USB charging cable is included in the package, and within 2 hours of charging it is 100% fully charged and ready to be reattached to your door.

As the DUO Smart Lock leaves your existing lock intact, you can always lock/unlock your door in the traditional way with a key (or from inside by just turning the shell). You can also login to your account in the FRIDAY app from a borrowed phone and control your lock.

The DUO Smart Lock retrofits most standard door locks. If any doubt, you are always welcome to take a photo of your existing lock that you wish to replace with a DUO Smart Lock and send to our support team.


How to install FRIDAY products.

To install the DUO Smart Lock you need tape, a screwdriver, a metal saw or a heavy duty diagonal cutter, a pen and a paper clip or similar. See more on how to install the DUO Smart Lock here.

Yes, if you wish to replace the shell and swap it for another color, you can purchase the Matte White and/or Matte Black shell here. All you need to replace the shell is to use the included release tool that comes in the box.

The shell of the DUO Smart Lock must be used indoors. The electronics on the interior side of the door must stay dry.

The DUO Smart Lock is installed using your existing lock, making installation easier and safer. FRIDAY made the DUO Smart Lock to retrofit on most existing door locks, using the same screws and mounting holes. See more on how to install the DUO Smart Lock here.


FRIDAY products security level.

If your phone gets stolen you can contact us at to disable your phone’s access. We recommend that you secure your phone at all times with a code/fingerprint.

FRIDAY uses the same encryption levels as International banks, making the system extremely secure.

The DUO Smart Lock allows you to issue electronic keys to any number of visitors. The FRIDAY App allows you to control and track who has access.

The DUO Smart Lock uses proprietary techniques to prevent false unlocks. The FRIDAY App's unlock feature is optional and can be disabled at any time.

All FRIDAY products leave your door cylinder completely intact, so it will not affect your home insurance.


How it works and connect.

The DUO Smart Lock is 100% battery powered and you can always communicate with the lock via Bluetooth to open/close the lock.

FRIDAY has apps for both Android and iOS platforms. On the iOS platform, you can choose between using the FRIDAY App or HomeKit. The FRIDAY App offers some additional features such as allowing guest access to individual locks rather than the whole home.

Yes, by allowing notifications on phone level you will receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits your home – even when the physical key is used.